Abdul Hakeem
Arabic Teacher
كارناتاكا - الهند
مجموع سنوات الخبرة: 2
المساعدة في حل الواجبات: نعم
إمكانية السفر لطالب: نعم
التقييمات 5
70 - 140
في الشهر
بيانات التواصل ارسل رسالة

عن نفسي

Ever since I was a teenager I've had a keen interest in learning and bettering myself, and I believe that if I use the right tools and strategies, this hunger for learning and self-improvement can be picked up by students who can then incorporate these values into their own lives now and in the future.
Because I am not committed to just a job, but to the teaching profession as a whole. I place high value on constant learning and I always take the initiative when it comes to attending conferences, workshops and talks that can prepare me to be a better Arabic Teacher.

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