Abdelmalek Elmorabit
linguistics tutor
مكناس تافيلالت - المغرب
مجموع سنوات الخبرة: 2
المساعدة في حل الواجبات: نعم
إمكانية السفر لطالب: لا
التقييمات 5
1.5 - 2.5
في الساعة
بيانات التواصل ارسل رسالة

عن نفسي

I am proficient in 5 different languages, knowing their structures and underlying principles. My teaching practices, either in teaching the languages or teaching content (Linguistics) in these languages are research-based. I am also a researcher myself in the area of corpus linguistics, and this allows me to form my teaching practices on authentic data.
I have a rich experience in teaching English and Arabic, as well as different linguistic subjects in both English and Arabic to students from different nationalities.

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