Alaa Elzohairy
a Teacher
محافظة كفر الشيخ - مصر
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1.Assalamu Alaikum
My name is Alaa Elzohairy. I'm Arabic teacher for non-native speakers from Egypt

I have a bachelor’s degree in Arabic language. I am graduated from Faculty of Arabic Language, Al-Azhar University 2005. I completed my Bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Public Education at Al-Azhar University in 2008.
I have 15 years work experience in teaching Arabic, Islamic studies, Modern Standard Arabic, Egyptian colloquial, Media Arabic, Grammar, and literature in centres, in schools, in institutes and online (for non-native speakers).

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As a language enthusiast.
I am a native speaker of Arabic and am a fluent in English.
I can teach to all - kids or elder, beginner and advanced - from non speaking arabic.
I can teach ,Arabic , tajwid and Qur'an.

I have always been looking for ways to make my learning process and my lessons enjoyable, exciting, easy and with enough diversity in order to keep things interesting.
Through personal experience, I have come to realize that, I rely on students’ needs and goals. I also aim at making my students more confident to use the four language skills: speaking, reading, listening and writing. I also focus on conversations and on daily life language.

I use many books to fulfill my students' learning needs. I will provide you with worksheets, audio and video files, pdf and word documents, and powerpoint materials. I use Google Docs to share and work on documents. My lessons are fun, interactive, and amusing! I would be glad to support you and be your tutor! I would be glad to help you with gaining fluency in Arabic.

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Lesson Policies:
If you are more than ten minutes late for a lesson, I will leave, and the credits will go to me.
Please do not cancel less than 24 hours before a lesson.

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مايو 2005 - حتى الآن
من Al-azhar University



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