Nourhan Esmael
Quran Tutor
- مصر
مجموع سنوات الخبرة: 8
المساعدة في حل الواجبات: نعم
إمكانية السفر لطالب: لا
التقييمات 5
6 - 15
في الساعة
بيانات التواصل ارسل رسالة

عن نفسي

Assalamu alikum, I am Nourhan; Egyptian teacher of Arabic language and tajweed rules for native and non-native speakers. I graduated from Al Azhar University Department of Arabic language and Islamic Studies, and memorized holy Koran when i was 9. I have 6 years experience for teaching Arabic and Holy Quran for the native speakers and 2 years for non-native speakers.
I am able to teach children and adults I have EJaza Hafs, I took it to years ago I recited holly Quraan to many of The sheikhs . I am ready to start with you (kids / female) from the leathers and study from any books like (annoranya,albaghdadya and nouralbyab) and after we will finish any of these books you'll be able to read any word from mushaf perfectly. And your reciting will be very easy in a short time we have fun in the session because you'll find it simple, easy and full of fun. if you have desire in memorizing holy Quran send me.

خبرات العمل

نوفمبر 2017 - حتى الآن
tutor في Nour Alquran Acadmy


سبتمبر 2011 - يونيو 2015
Arabic language AND ISLAMIC STUDIES من al azhar university



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