Mohammad Abdelfattah
Imaam in Awqaaf/ Quran and Tajweed teacher /Islamic studies in English
- مصر
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I am graduated from al Azhar University,faculty of languages and translation, division of Islamic studies in English, my graduation year is 2006, I was appointed in the ministry of Awqaaf as Imam in 2007 ,so I have 11 years in the field of Da'wah as an Imam in Awqaaf, I practiced a task of teaching Qur'an Tajweed rules for foreign students as I keep the whole Quran and I have the Igjazah(license) in Hafs and I in the current time continue on completing the ten Qira'at by keeping Al-Shatibyah and al Durrah. I am suitable in the field of teaching Arabic Language, Islamic studies, Quran and Tajweed for foreign students.

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فبراير 2001 - حتى الآن 2006
Islamic Studies in English من AlAzhar University



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