Marwa Khattab
Quran and Tajweed teacher
- مصر
مجموع سنوات الخبرة: 11
المساعدة في حل الواجبات: نعم
إمكانية السفر لطالب: لا
التقييمات 5
3 - 6
في الساعة
بيانات التواصل ارسل رسالة

عن نفسي

I'm Marwa .Iam teacher of Quran and tajweed .I worked as a teacher of Quran and tajweed for 11 years. I have a Bachelor of Science and Education Department of Physics and Chemistry, Ain Shams University .
I studied at the Institute for the Advocacy Preparation and I was the first on the institute, I finished the study at AlQiraat Institute also.I can give iijaza at Al-Qira'at Al-ashra with attached series to the prophet. I am honored to be a Quran teacher because it is the message of the Prophet . I hope to be one of those who the Prophet -peace be upon him - said about them : "The best of you are the ones who learn the Qur'an and teach it to others "
I teach Quran and the ten Qiraat in an interesting way. I will be patient with you until you be proficient at the reading of the Quran. I can give iijaza attached to the prophet (pbuh). You can try. Nothing to lose . The first session is free.

خبرات العمل

يوليو 2008 - حتى الآن
Quran and Tajweed teacher في Quran Memorization Office


أكتوبر 2004 - يوليو 2008
Physics and chemistry من Ain shams university



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